Snozzle Down Under ’14

My sister and her husband Stefan make the trip down from Germany each year, it’s a welcome visit. This year they brought my new niece Harley. Normally I don’t get caught up in the whole baby phenomena, usually you have to wait a couple of years before their personalities come to the surface and they can express themselves, but not this time, this was love at first site.unkonshus-2unkonshus-28unkonshus-5

As my sister is a dancer her visits are always filled with at least one or two playful shoots, it is basically a way to test out new equipment and techniques that you don’t get the luxury of using on client jobs.
Whilst they were both here we were able to attend the Opening Series of the MLB 2014 Season, something that meant the world to me as a baseball fan.
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And, of course take more photos of Harley. Love you sis and bro.

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