Coheed & Cambria – Live at The Metro.

I remember when I first heard Coheed, it was in 2003. I was working as a graphic designer at ACP in Sydney. At the time I was working on 4X4 Australia, but due to some cost cutting from higher management I’d been been asked fill in the various late night advertorial and dead line closure layout roles that were on offer. Sometimes a day would be 8 hours, sometimes it would be 72. That’s how we rolled.

unkonshus.comAfter 4 months of doing the 48-72 hour magazine shift I decided that I needed to take some time off. Only being 23 at the time, I had never done anything other than work since high school. Time off, or free time was very foreign to me. Probably still is.

Coheed 02

So, after deciding that I would take a break. I chose to get on a plane to Melbourne to meet and stay with my then MySpace friend Emma. It was probably one of the first major random steps I took in my life, and probably for her as well… go and stay with someone interstate that you’ve met off the internet and house someone you had never met in person. At the time… It was like going to space with out any landing coordinates.


I remember leaving Sydney airport with the same thought that I have had every subsequent random trip: “It’s not the situation that will make the trip, it’s you and it’s them.”



So how does this story all end up and what does this have to do with Coheed and Cambria?
Well, after being exhausted from aforementioned work I end up rocking up to Emma’s house completely exhausted and being the most amazing person she is, she allowed me to just sleep in her bed, in a blue room… and would, at my now, new (thanks to her) fond request continually play Coheed and Cambria’s – “In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth”. An album she personally gave to me on the day I returned back to Sydney.

I will forever think of her in that moment and owe her my gratuitous love and thanks for putting me on a quest to take these photos and allowing me to create moments across the globe with other Coheed fans. Thank you Emma.xx



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